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Exceptional Technology

Digital Impressions

exceptional technologyWe are pleased to announce that we now offer digital impressions for making custom crowns, inlays / onlays and dental bridges. A digital scan performed with iTero, is quite literally, digitally perfect. Designed to replace the “dreaded goop”, unpleasant taste, drooling, and gagging associated with traditional impression taking, iTero enables Dr. Sean, and the team, to offer their patients a technology driven impression procedure that is far superior to conventional methods. This type of precision virtually eliminates the need for re-impression and remakes of restorations. Minimal to no adjustments to the restorations also is a great benefit to the integrity of the restoration.

Once patients experience the benefits of iTero we are certain they will come away impressed, and with a great smile too.
-Dr. Sean

Digital X-rays

dental x-raysIn each of our studios we have the capability of taking a full set of digital x-rays to completely assess your oral health. Digital X-ray technology is more environmentally sensitive than previous processes because it does not entail developing or processing x-ray film with hazardous chemicals that can threaten the water supply. Additionally, x-ray exposure is dramatically reduced, making it a safer choice for our guests.

Laser Dentistry

exceptional technologyNelson Dental Exceptional Smiles is proud to offer cosmetic laser dentistry to our patients. The use of laser tissue treatment, along with our other cosmetic dentistry procedures, allows Dr. Sean Nelson to achieve uncompromised aesthetic results for our patients further defining “the measure of perfection”.

During a smile makeover or cosmetic restoration, the height and contours of the gingiva or gums can detract from the beauty of the end result. By utilizing the precision and healing abilities of dental lasers, our doctors can reshape the gum and boney tissues surrounding the teeth to create the ideal harmony necessary in achieving a stunning and beautiful smile.


dental technologyIn cosmetic dentistry procedures, the TENS Unit is used to relax jaw muscles and restore them to their normal resting position allowing us to obtain an accurate diagnosis when testing for malocclusion and Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). The TENS Unit is also used to relieve tension and muscle spasms and aids in muscle extension and relaxation.


dental technologyThe K-7 Evaluation system provides Dr. Sean Nelson a means for displaying and storing data obtained from patients who suffer from TMD and malocclusion. The ability to collect accurate data is paramount in correctly diagnosing and treating these painful conditions.

Computerized Anesthesia

tensInjections can be irritating for many reasons, but one pain factor is that the anesthesia is concentrated in a small area until it dissipates. Anesthesia administered too fast can also cause pain. CompuDent’s “The Wand” is a computer controlled anesthesia injection system that is incredibly comfortable. Most patients exclaim, “I didn’t feel a thing.”

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Most patients know this as “laughing gas.” Let’s face it, we are all a little nervous about coming to the dentist. Why not make the experience a little more enjoyable. Nitrous oxide will “take the edge off.” Choose some of our other comfort menu items such as the massage / heat cushion or music to go with it. You won’t believe that you are at the dentist!


nelson dental technologyOne of the most important things we can do for our patients is to identify and fill cavities. Since any spot of decay can threaten the integrity of an entire tooth, detection is key to preventing a host of potential problems. Cavities can hide along fissure lines or inside biting surfaces. Further, mechanically exploratory methods are limited to finding only those cavities that are equal to or larger than the probe head. DIAGNOdent technology uses a laser diode to inspect teeth, comparing reflection wavelength against a healthy baseline wavelength to uncover decay.