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Our Office

Care and Comfort

Our office reflects our high level of customer service and the passion we have for our work. We welcome you into a warm, friendly facility that is completely dedicated to your care and comfort and to improving your smile. Not only do we employ the best materials and techniques available in cosmetic dentistry today, but we also offer you the following services.

Massage and Heat Therapy

Whether you’re here for a hygiene visit or a smile enhancement, a massage and heat cushion can be used to create an exceptional experience. We want to help you feel as comfortable as possible so the process feels as good as the results.

Music or Movies?

It has been proven listening to music relaxes you and helps the time pass. We provide Bose® headphones and a full assortment of music on our Apple iPod and movies to help you relax. By letting us know your music selection we can create a custom playlist just for you to enjoy. Want to watch a movie instead of listen to music? We have Vuzix movie glasses available for you to watch your favorite tv show or that movie you didn’t get to see at the movie theater. Watch it with us! You can experience watching a 62” screen with wearing what looks like sunglasses.

Partners For A Clean Environment

We are proud to say that we take pride in disposing of the hazardous materials that are in a dental office. We have amalgam separators to help collect the metal particles from old metal fillings that are taken out. This allows us to collect the amalgam and discard this material properly, not allowing it to contaminate the water supply.

Making Cosmetic Dentistry Affordable

stock-photo-17547995-happy-young-couple-smiling-togetherWe’d hope that you would not be surprised to know that higher quality dental care would cost more than the average dentist. Information from various patient financing companies across the USA tells us that the average request for a dental loan is between $10,000 – $30,000.

If you’ve been putting off dental treatment due to budget constraints, simply click one of the Financing links below and apply online for pre-approval. That way, we can then help you begin your treatment, and conveniently pay with low, monthly payments.

To help you get the smile you’ve been wanting, we offer several different payment options, so you can choose one that fits your individual needs and fits comfortably in your monthly budget.

Extended Payment Plans

We offer a full range of budget plans to make your high quality care affordable.

  • Low monthly payments available
  • Apply online or by phone
  • Complete treatment with no initial payment
dental payment planextended payment plans