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Migraine Headache Therapies

Migraine headaches are a common symptom of temporomandibular disorder (TMJ), a condition where a misaligned bite causes improper jaw alignment and dysfunction. If you’ve ever experienced a Migraine Headache you know the debilitating pain and how disruptive it can be to your life.

Any doctor can prescribe medication to mask the pain of a migraine. This however is just a temporary solution designed to control the symptom rather than treating the root cause of the problem.

We have been trained in neuromuscular dentistry, and have much experience in treating migraine headaches. Our team has done substantial work in the areas of research, diagnosis, and treatment.

If you are experiencing migraine headaches, contact us to schedule a consultation with our team.

After a highly technical diagnostic process, Dr. Nelson and his team will be able to determine if a link exists between the function of your jaw joints and your migraine headaches. Once a link is established and a thorough diagnosis is made, our neuromuscular team will create a personalized treatment plan to realign your bite and alleviate your symptoms.

Treatment for migraine headaches may include the use of functional jaw orthopedics, medication, lifestyle changes, orthodontics or restorative procedures.

You don’t have to live with migraine headaches. Choose a dentist with neuromuscular training right here in Austin, MN. Dr. Nelson is bringing world-class dental care to you. Dr. Nelson has received the distinction of LVI Fellow from the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The LVI Fellow designation recognizes that a dentist has completed a series of studies on the clinical skills and knowledge necessary to provide comprehensive aesthetic treatment for the dental patient as taught in LVI’s Core Series.

The Fellow distinction is awarded only to those doctors who successfully complete a comprehensive exam covering the skills and techniques taught in the LVI Core (Core I- Core VII) Series. Successful completion of the exam and awarding of the distinction of LVI Fellow recognizes the doctor’s ongoing commitment to Life Long learning. In order to be considered an LVI Fellow a doctor must participate in the LVI Core Curriculum (Core I-Core VII), which includes a minimum of 278 continuing dental education hours of training in advanced aesthetics and neuromuscular science and successfully complete the comprehensive examination to reflect an understanding of the clinical skills and principles taught in this series.

Dr. Nelson has set himself apart by choosing the path of lifelong learning and undergoing elective, continuous training at LVI. Dr. Nelson has exemplified a desire to maintain the best clinical ability in order to offer a high level of Aesthetic Neuromuscular Dentistry. This dedication distinguishes Dr. Nelson by proving his dedication to quality of care and a desire to master complex procedures in order to provide the best comprehensive care for his dental patients.