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Non-Surgical Facelift

Over time, everything wears out… including your smile.
As time takes its toll, one of the most visible signs of aging is your changing smile. Front teeth, back teeth – they all wear or break down as the years pass.

It’s not just your smile, but your facial appearance too.

As your teeth age and wear, the space between your upper and lower jaw closes, and your chin moves closer to your nose. As a result the lower third of your face “squishes up”. you will see:

  • Your lips change shape
  • Jowls appear on the side of your lower jaw
  • A deep crease between your chin and lower lip
  • The skin of your lower face squishing together
  • Winkles and thin, compressed lips that can make you look older than you are

A ‘Non-Surgical Facelift’ (or what we often call Smile Rejuvenation) restores and repairs a worn smile, and returns your teeth to their natural size. It allows us to fix both cosmetic and functional concerns, and helps to restore your confidence at the same time! We strive to give you back the smile back you had before AND hopefully an even better smile by re-aligning and restoring your teeth.

Dr. Sean Nelson uses jaw and muscle monitoring equipment to help find the perfect bite for you. Our ‘Discovery – Diagnosis – Therapy’ process helps detect problems that may have developed either as a young child or in your adult life.

Smile rejuvenation can help to restore and repair a worn smile.

Today, neuromuscular dentistry (TMJ dentistry) and smile rejuvenation can help to put a halt to the ravages of time. Cosmetic dentistry can assist in restoring your smile and face to its best possible appearance. Smile rejuvenation, a non-surgical process, is a balance-and-function process that involves:

  • Determining the cause of your smile problem
  • Scanning the jaw and muscle to find the proper bite
  • Creating a resin orthotic to refine your bite
  • Using porcelain veneers to restore your teeth, bite and smile

Wouldn’t you want to look younger if you could?
It’s easy – rejuvenating your smile can help!