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Tips For A Healthy, Clean Mouth


To start, MANUAL TOOTHBRUSHES are SUFFICIENT to clean your teeth, as long as they are used CORRECTLY. The only recommendation is that you use one with SOFT bristles. Electric toothbrushes also need to be used properly for maximum effectiveness.

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Dental X-ray Information


They are used to show dentists the surfaces between the teeth. No matter how good your dentist’s eyes are, it is virtually impossible to see all surfaces without taking radiographs. They are taken to get a complete view of all aspects of both teeth and gums.

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Sleep Apnea – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Determine If I Have a Problem?
The standard sleep study is done in a sleep lab or center, a technician is watching you sleep. The team at Nelson Dental Exceptional Smiles together with a sleep physician can help you understand the results of your physician reviewed study. We offer our guests a method of doing a sleep study in the comfort of their own home. By taking home a monitor you are able to receive a report on the severity of your OSA and the results are back within 48 hours. This home device is a screening tool and not meant to replace a formal sleep study. A sleep physician will review your report to make recommendations for treatments such as an oral appliance (made by a dentist) or CPAP. Only with a sleep physician’s recommendation will we recommend an oral appliance.
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