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Orthotic Maintenance Adjustment and Aesthetic Reconstructive Techniques

Local Dentist completes LVI’s Orthotic Maintenance, Adjustment and Aesthetic Reconstructive Techniques

LVI Global (LVI) proudly announces the completion of Orthotic Maintenance, Adjustment, and Aesthetic Reconstructive Techniques by Dr. Sean Nelson. This six day, live-patient, aesthetic treatment program focuses on hands-on, personal experience in the management of a Neuromuscular Orthotic and the principles of smile design and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Sean Nelson completed the Orthotic Maintenance, Adjustment and Essential Aesthetic Reconstructive Techniques program under the world-renowned Dr. William Dickerson, Founder and CEO of LVI Global. While at LVI, Dr. Sean Nelson underwent intensive training concentrating on developing a critical eye for aesthetic excellence as well as completing the foundation to help patients enjoy a life free of pain and physiologic compromise. This training provided Dr. Sean Nelson with the necessary tools to perform advanced dentistry on his patients.

Dr. Sean Nelson’s desire to provide the best possible care in his practice is evidenced by his commitment to continuing education in advanced dental studies.

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